As flexible as a rubber band

Het pneumatische kitpistool is een bekend product voor Bostik en Rokatec. Meanwhile, there are more than 1.000 pieces produced and the time has come for a fine product improvement. We are in conversation with Jan Veenstra, Support Manager of the company Bostik and we asked him about his experiences with Rokatec.

All types of adhesives

Bostik is part of the Total Group and is active in the development and delivery of almost all types of adhesives in 55 countries. The production of the glue is divided over 40 different locations. The Dual SMP 400 pneumatic caulking gun, which is produced by Rokatec, is used for the processing of the Simson 2-component adhesives. The unique design makes it possible to use a relatively small motor for making a huge high pressure thats needed to mix the different components. Many of the sealant guns are typically used in the transport sector as; train builders, Buses builders and marine applications.

Ze denken niet in problemen maar stoppen de problemen in een oplossing.

Much easier

It has now been 10 years since the sealant gun developed. The collaboration between Bostik and Rokatec has been running since 2004, and a durable relationship is grown. The project is then started as a collaboration between Bostik, Rokatec and design office with the aim that Rokatec would make the product ready for production. "During the product development it seems that Rokatec was able to take care for all the project stages, this makes it suddenly much easier for us." From that moment, the intensive cooperation between Bostik and Rokatec started and this has remained so.

Product improvement

For the correct function of the sealant gun, it is important that the speed of the drive is reduced to achieve the required torque. For this purpose, use was made of a belt in combination with some pulleys. This involves the advantage that a small space was required for all the parts. Through time it has been found that this part is also the weakest link of the product. A good reason to check out the product after a time to review and improve good. The whole design is remained the same but the weakest link is significantly improved. This by a smart construction of various gears.


John is convinced that in the future more companies will have to work together and to remain innovative. It is almost impossible to put something completely new to the market on your own. "For this you need each other, and you can create a win-win situation in that way."


On the question how Jan experiences the cooperation with Rokatec, the answer is clear. "They do not think in problems but put the problems into a solution., a high level of knowledge, communication is clear and correct, and they are as flexible as a rubber band. Highly recommended for companies who want to work quickly and flexibly."