Quality policy

Quality is of paramount importance at Rokatec. Important is to continue develop the organization and its processes, and to promote and encouraging its quality to the daily work.

The customer is the focus in rokatec. Each project should consist of a good cooperation with the customer. To ensure its role as a reliable partner in product development and production, Rokatec commits to the requirements, needs and expectations of customers to understand and translate them optimal into successful products and components. Customer satisfaction is crucial. Rokatec commits to measure customer satisfaction, analysis and optimization.


For many products are guidelines. Together with the client is examined whether and to which directive should be met. In case of machines the Machinery Directive is leading, but also the EMC Directive and other directives can be relevant. To compliance these directives is important for receiving CE marking on products.
The relevant requirements and specifications could be found in (N)EN standardization, EN standardization, ISO standards or industry-specific labels.
We work in conjunction with an external inspection body that is continuously monitored from the design of the product if it complies with the applicable standards of law- and regulations.


Communication is one of the most important factors in Rokatec. Not only communication with the customer to identify requirements, needs and expectations, but also internal communication which is required to vote on all other processes as well as possible. The management system must contribute. Anchoring of the management system within the organization starts with dissemination by the management. To force this Rokatec is continuously working to increasing quality awareness of employees by initiating targeted improvements.

To improve

This awareness makes it possible to effect continuous improvement within the organization and its processes, through the identification of areas of improvement and deviations, recording them and implement improvements. Every employee contributes to it. Also the annual review of the quality policy and establishing quality objectives to provide direction and guidance of the management contributes to it.


The effectiveness of the management system should be ensured. Not only to determine whether it meets standard requirements of the quality management system ISO9001:2015, but rather to determine whether the management system is still contributing to improve within the organization continuously.

The operation and effectiveness of the management system is ensured by performing internal audits, management reviews and external. Rokatec converts this measurements to make improvements in the management system and organization.