Rokatec is settled in the Netherlands and China. As a result, we have a wide network of manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Because of the short lines, we control every situation and we can quickly and flexibly switch, for both the customer and the supplier. Our head office is located in the Netherlands. This is the central place where everything is controlled from. Since 2014 Rokatec is housed in a new building that is prepared for growing. In the Netherlands we have product development, various assembly lines and an extensive warehouse.

I want to produce in China, but with short lines of communication. How can I do it?

We are also outside Europe active. Rokatec heeft een eigen vestiging in China waardoor we ook in Aziƫ snel en accuraat kunnen handelen mede door onze lokale kwaliteitscontrole. We hebben in China een breed netwerk van producenten en leveranciers met kennis van diverse technologieƫn.