Product Engineering

A product can always made better. Our engineers are able to analyze your product thoroughly to look at the opportunities for improvement. In all cases, the cost of a product is of great importance. The price is mainly determined by the chosen production techniques and production numbers. The trick is to choose which creates an optimal balance between price and quality, the right techniques during product developing. Therefore, it is important to have a sound knowledge of production with the additional benefits and limitations. After years of experience in various industries is Rokatec able to develop your product for an optimal price. Rokatec has accompanied numerous projects specifically designed to price reduction.
How to reduce the cost of my product significantly ?

Full service partner

Rokatec has both the expertise and the experience, even all the facilities and tools that you would expect from a full service partner in engineering. The specialists of Rokatec are experts in the 3D-design system SolidWorks and the associated Simulation software. This also applies to standard processes, such as: Value Engineering (VE) and Design For Assembly (DFA). If you have doubts about the quality of your concept. Let analyzed by our specialists.


Rokatec has a test lab where we perform various tests, either automatic or not. This space is a separate part of the business, so we can guarantee the confidentiality of your product or concept.
Rokatec specialists are experts in 3D program SolidWorks
We simulate your design to quickly obtain a good product
Value Engineering
Smart product designs making it cheaper
Design For Assembly
We provide a seamless connection to assembly
Sustainable design
We have tools to analyze the environmental impact of your product
Test lab
In our own laboratory we test can your product