Our method

Rokatec specializes in product development and production. We realize successful products and components in metal and plastic worldwide. Both, simple and complex. A concept or a redesign, everything is possible. Our method is unique. We invest, if possible, with pre-financing and low support rates on a responsible way in the customer. We seek to a long-term relationship. Rokatec is international established, as well as in the Netherlands (Utrecht area) als in China.

Ik wil graag een product ontwikkelen, but the costs are high?

Depending on your needs, you can hire our expertise during the entire design- and implementation process as well as for sections, including project management. Design and production are related from concept till realization. In this way, the feasibility will be ensured. Our process is transparent at any time and closely to follow during the creation of the solution.

Rokatec invests in projects that create a common interest. Therefore, we think in the interests of the customer.

What we offer?

  • Engineering at cost
  • Knowledge of production techniques
  • Product development independent of production facilities
  • Development and production at just one company
  • Responsibility for end result

What we are not?

  • Design office without responsibility for end result
  • Production company that produces unthinkingly according drawing