Project Bostik Dual SMP kitpistool

BOSTIK Dual SMP400P sealant gun

This sealant gun is an innovative solution to glue easily spend two components. Met een pneumatische aandrijving en een speciaal ontworpen statische mixer kunnen de 2 componenten gecontroleerd worden […]

Project Leventi ovens luchtklep

LEVENTI Oven air valve

This air valve is an important part of a heating oven. During the baking process, moist air should be blown into the oven. Met deze klep wordt de toevoer van de lucht […]

Project kostenbesparing tandriempoeli

LODE Belt pulley

These projects are a good example of successful “Value Engineering.” Many gears and poulies are produced by machining. The great advantage is the high dimensional accuracy of the parts. Maar tegelijkertijd is het […]

30 procent gewichtsbesparing op een trekhaakkoppeling

30% savings on weight!

A material saving of 30% was was possible to choose a different production process. This towbar coupling was optimized by casting in aluminum. The parts were originally produced by using sand casting. Door op de juiste […]