LEVENTI Oven air valve

This air valve is an important part of a heating oven. During the baking process, moist air should be blown into the oven. With this valve, the supply of the air is regulated. The valve as before, was not reliable enough. Furthermore, the cost price of the valve is too high. Rokatec saw opportunities to improve product technology and also reducing product costs significantly.

What has Rokatec done?

The product costs were primarily in the material stainless steel, welding as a production technique and long assembly time. To improve this effectively the complete design is investigated. Partly due to the complex geometry of the air valve injection moudling seems the best production method. The combination of injection molding and an ambient temperature of 100 ° C made the design process to a challenge. Ultimately a successful design is determined that works reliably and as much as 60% cheaper. In addition to performing the design process has Rokatec the air valve is also taken into production.