TRIBUS Taxibus chair

This chair is used in taxis for special transportation of persons in wheelchairs. The minibuses are multifunctional. Extra space is available for wheelchair transport by folding the seat away. The unique and innovative aspect of this product is that the weight is significantly less than other chairs in the market. This produces annually a huge advantage on fuel use. The technical requirements for car seats are high. An acceleration of 20G must be reckoned with the impact test . During the development, there was a continuous tension between weight and strength.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has been closely involved in the development from concept, prototype up to and including the production of the seat. The FEM analyzes have been an important part of the product development. In this project, many different production techniques are used to find a good quality-price balance. One of these techniques is robotic welding. The constant quality of the Interior frame can be best realized by using robotic welding. In addition to the metal construction the upholstery of the Chair is developed with great care . For the upholstery an innovative system is used in which the material itself as supporting material is used so the weight minimum remains. Finally, a completely new product was designed with a contemporary look and a weight reduction of more than 10kg. Obviously this chair meets the latest safety standards.