SCALAMIX Trolley and Ladder in one

The Trolley-and-ladder-in-one is a totally new product developed specifically for (kitchen)fitters who work on site. The user has both a trolley as a professional ladder at his disposal. This combination makes a significant space saving compared to a separate ladder and hand truck. This can be a valuable outcome for example overcrowded vans. The great challenge of this project was to meet the strict standards (NEN 2484_1989 nl) that apply to ladders and climbing equipment.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has accompanied this project from sketch to final product. An important point of the development is that the focus should be on a minimum investment in production equipment. In this way it became possible to realizing an idea within an acceptable risk framework.

During the concepfase all the features are put in a morphological overview to get all options clear for the customer. Based on this concept, it is further developed into a prototype to carry out an endurance test. Prior to this endurance test a FEM analysis is done to improve the weak links in advance already. After the test and optimization phase the Trolley-and-ladder-in-one is taken in production by Rokatec and it is delivered as a fully assembled product.

"Rokatec have guide the project very professionally. This made sure that I've transferred this with peace of mind. With the multiple scheduled discussion moments I quickly understand the full story and I could adjust and make choices at the right times. I was also surprised by the clear overview of the various proposed options. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages were indicated clearly. Therefore I never wondered afterwards: should it been done differently?”

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Rob van Dartel - Owner SCALAMIX