Safe products, what everybody wants!

The collaboration between KONE and Rokatec has a long history. Since 1996 Rokatec is a partner in product development, production and assembly at KONE Door Systems. Recently Rokatec also participates in KONE's safety for Kids, “Max en Bob”. Is it important and of added value for KONE that a partner participates in such a program?

We think it is very nice that you want to participate to this! Safety is a top priority within KONE, and we also expect it from our partners. We were pleasantly surprised when Rokatec was contacting us with the question of whether they could participate in the program of Max and Bob.

Safety standards are aspects that are important for the development and assembly. How do you secure these steps worldwide as an international company?

The KONE "One ISO 9001 and 14001" management ensures the entire process from development to the supply and maintenance of KONE products. For example in development risk assessments an integral part to finally deliver a product as safe as possible.

The KONE People Flow magazine is an international digital magazine. Process of urbanization is of paramount importance and we often read. Is it for KONE also important to adjust the process accordingly safety in relation with urbanization?

Urbanization requires extra safety attention. The more intelligent the equipment, all the more critical is the communication between the devices. Separately can it work great, but when you combine systems such as destination control, access, information and monitoring there are lurking dangers. KONE is constantly working to manage these potential risks by setting up on People Flow intelligence.

In Rokatec is working with safe and professional equipment to be able to produce products of KONE. Should all partners meet here?

Yes, KONE operates a strict selection of suppliers where the "KONE code of conduct for Suppliers" must be signed and respected.

In Europe more than 100 million people has a special adjustment due to specific disabilities. KONE is able to provide secure access for these people?

Yes, safety is a top priority for KONE. We work closely with the people who depend on our products in their daily lives. One way we promote safety, by organizing annual events that offers people the chance to find out how elevators and escalators work and how they can be used safely. We think of various users, the busy businessman, grandma or grandpa with a walker, people in wheelchairs, to a parent with a stroller.

Little things make a difference in safety. Children should be closely supervised in the use of lifts, doors and escalators. Therefore KONE has made education material to also allow these young users to safely take part in the flow within a building?

That's right. You can encounter daily, a child who uses an escalator as playset. Running back and forth and around escalators, sitting on the escalator, hang on the handrail, the foolish things. Children do not always have the sense that this is very dangerous, escalators, elevators and automatic doors are machines you had to use it with care. During the lesson we get children to learn in a fun way with the dangers of escalators and elevators, you will be amazed by the stories you hear during such a lesson! Parents can sometimes still use some 'education', how often do you see parents with a buggy on an escalator? So dangerous! After the lesson, the children get a package to take home containing all DO's and DO NOT's stand, their environment can also learn something from it. On are also the video and computer game of Max and Bob!

Security remains a joint effort between producers, Building owners and users. Besides the KONE introduced an education kit of Max and Bob Rokatec also organizes a competition for kids. Why do you support this action?

Because we believe this is a very good initiative! The Max and Bob program should not be seen as too "heavy". Children should not be suddenly afraid of elevators and escalators, the available materials and also this action makes it 'easy' but with a serious undertone and that's important.

Finally,, We can learn even more in the future, Max and Bob?

As you can see are Max and Bob in the video at the mall with only escalators and elevators, no automatic doors. Materials Max and Bob developed by KONE corporate in Finland and are used worldwide. Not at all more than 60 countries KONE has also door systems as building doors, this is becoming increasingly more and plans are therefore to integrate KONE doors in the Max and Bob material!