Rokatec makes it better? A continuous development

Rokatec gecertificeerd

This is it: Rokatec has achieved ISO 9001 certification!
But why this certificate is important for us and for our customers?

With the shrinking economy in the world it is increasingly important to serve our customers even better. That's when Rokatec not depend on occasional impulsive action, but the result of a steady series of improvement processes. Improvements that we can save costs and improve the quality. Improvements around communicating with you. And that gives us a better insight into the functioning of our organization.

The ISO 9001 standard describes how to operate a quality system for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction (your satisfaction!) to create. Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification is therefore the next logical step in the continuous development we go through over 20 years.

The certificate is for you as a customer a recognizable label that indicates that Rokatec has the resources and the expertise in house to deliver controlled quality. And it is for us an additional incentive to carry out this process of continuous improvement more effectively.

How did we go through this process?

First we have refreshed our knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard. Much of what is meant in this standard, we did already, but we used different terms for it.

To ensure that we not overlook anything we saw "strange eyes" enabled by consulting an advisor. Together with the consultant we have charted our own business. Many of them we had already on paper, but our approach has changed somewhat over the years. Our new building has also contributed to this.

Using the information gathered, a quality manual has been prepared. This handbook describes how Rokatec exactly meets the requirements specified in the ISO 9001 standard.

To prove that Rokatec on all points meets the standard an external audit is necessary by an auditor of a certifying body.
In that audit, the auditor checked by sampling in practice we do what we say in the quality and the mapped processes. He also checks whether Rokatec enough data has yet to effectively make adjustments where needed.

What has brought us?

Firstly: a positive assessment. This is an external confirmation that we have our processes in order.
The auditor has a critical look at our business and provide useful feedback on how we could pick up further in the process of continuous improvement. These outside contributions helps prevent tunnel vision.
On some important points asks the standard a clear registration of data. Here we could make an improvement started by merging data were kept in different places. This allows us to better discover trends within and outside our company.
There are handles created to check the various processes within the company does produce the correct output. This makes respond quickly again a bit easier.
Within Rokatec the realization has grown even further that the achievement of an ever-increasing customer satisfaction requires a comprehensive approach and that the commitment of every department that contributes.
The quality management system has given us a robust way to implement systematic improvements in our organization.

We expect from today our organization to improve even more and thus be able to act even better to your wishes.

What will it bring you?

For now there will not be changed immediately notable cases. We did our job well, and we still do. We have now also made tangible by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate.
We expect from today our organization to improve even more and thus be able to act even better to your wishes. In: every improvement we make is of benefit to you. The quality of the products will continue to rise, the delivery time will be even better controllable. And you will also be better!