Not just common hinges and locks…

High security locks

With nearly 30 years of experience, M-LOCKS is known in the field of high-security locks and locking systems for safe boxes, safes and doors. Not just common hinges and locks...
For a year Rokatec is partner of M-LOCKS with development and production of various locks. Eén daarvan is de SlamLock. The name says it all ....
A locking that is not gentle handled.

The collaboration with M-Locks was recently started. Can you tell me more about your company?

M-LOCKS with 30 years of experience is indeed a well known and independent distributor and producer of high-security locks and locking systems for safe boxes, safes and safe doors. You can find them everywhere. As in ATM's, safes and bank safes, shops and offices. There they provide the needed assurance and security.
M-LOCKS is known for its personal advice, fast delivery and solutions that go a step further, anywhere in the world! Our years of experience guarantee this. And with our global service network is good, adequate service guaranteed. We think it goes without saying that our products meet international standards and are certified by accredited institutes such as VdS, UL CNPP, DNV, IMP.

The Slam Lock is a lock that used on cars for transport value? What makes this product unique? Security locks are not 'common products'.

CIT (Cash-In-Transit)-Trucks (cash trucks) are at high risk and should therefore be extremely well protected. Indeed there fits no 'common lock'. The Slam Lock is a high quality solid mechanical lock, technically advanced and high-level. The three-point locking system provides extra stability. The massive construction of the outside prevents the forcing of the lock.

Every project does have a history. Where has the Slam Lock project begun?

We came into contact with a relationship from South Africa who is in close contact with a builder of CIT (Cash-In-Transit)-Trucks. Here was the question for a lock to provide a reliable security for value transfer. We have stepped in and started the development of a dedicated lock.

How did you hear about Rokatec? We had not done business previously.

At the Security show in Essen 2014 was the first contact. People from Rokatec visited our stand, enough reason for a continuation. During one of our business trips to China it has been continued with visiting the establishment of Rokatec there. The contacts were such that when there was an actual question, Rokatec was the partner to start talking.

Critical, thinking and flexibility are words that fit at Rokatec

Rokatec likes to realise good product ideas. What do you think about the approach of Rokatec during the project?

We are positive about the method and approach of Rokatec. We prefer the contribution of making a product feasible both technically and reasonably priced. Certainly the contribution in sourcing and testing. The way in which problems were identified during the project and also the visually displayed solutions, makes it clear for relative 'untechnical people'. Critical, thinking and flexibility are words that fit at Rokatec.
And also important for M-LOCKS is: the people of Rokatec are 'down to earth', that fits us and it communicates well.

What has Rokatec contributed to the Slam Lock?

Rokatec has contributed to make our product as functional and economical possible. Ready to be introduced to the market.