M-LOCKS Slam Lock

For value transport robust transport is used. The locks in the storage vaults of these cars must be even robust and reliable. Closing, read: slam (The name says it all) the heavy vault door creates a huge impact on the lock. In addition, the slot should do what it is designed mainly for; the guarantee of a break-in proof closure.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has been involved in the development from the first design to produce the mechanism of these locks. First is investigate the original design and Rokatec improved it on many points. This made it possible to deliver a higher quality.

The challenge of this product was about the mechanics. A reliable product with many moving parts requires extra close attention. The complete lock let we produce in our factory in China, assembly and packaging.

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

Extreme high forces

Watch the endurance test