INNOBIND Paper punch

The paper punch is an innovative device that combines paper by punching a specific form into the paper without adding any materials. Modular cassettes have been developed for the punch knives, which can be produced in large numbers. The required accuracy of the punching blades brought a great challenge with it.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has performed the fully product developing, from idea to production. The design has been put down by Rokatec and elaborated in a manufacturable product. The basis of this paper punch is a complex aluminum injection mould frame. Several functions have been integrated into this frame to be able to reduce the cost. The packaging is designed with a minimum volume and it's drop resistant from 2 meters. By the sustainable way of booklets, the paper punch is nominated by the jury of the ESEF 2012 for the category "Innovation and Design".

Special about Rokatec is they took into account manufacturing possibilities and costs from the begin of the project. They were also able to give quickly a reliable calculation by changes with its own office in China. A major plus of Rokatec is that we do not immediately have to buy large numbers to start off. In addition, the collaboration with Rokatec is very pleasant. They solve problems quickly and stand behind our product 100%.

Arthur Anderegg – Managing Director Innobind BV