Horses saddle innovation, is that possible?

Graziozo, een nieuwe speler in deze branche laat dat zien met een Horse Product van het jaar 2018 Award! Professionals in dressage have joined there forces and lauched a unique product line together with Rokatec as supplier .


Making a high-quality saddle requires craftsmanship and attention. Both factors are essential for good manufacturing, and very important, to properly maintain a saddle. Graziozo has a unique formula to make the perfect saddle. A professional rider will personally perform the measurements for the saddle on site. And in the same professional manner the saddle will checked and adjusted after a fixed period of time.

De zijkant van een Graziozo zadel
De vervangbare Insertz van Graziozo in Italiaanse stijl
De vervangbare Insertz van Graziozo in zwart met Swarovski stenen
De vervangbare Insertz van Graziozo in blauw met Swarovski stenen

The unique Insertz®

A unique feature of the Graziozo saddles is the replaceable Insertz® in the cup (This is the back of the saddle). The Insertz ® is a beautifully designed element that can be added to the saddle easily . Thus, each user can create their own style. To realize this solution Rokatec has designed an innovative way of attaching. By making clever use of magnetic elements a solid connection is guaranteed that can be loosen again easily.

With high quality saddles and a complete line with bridles, reins and associated products Graziozo is a unique player in the equestrianism.

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