High-end E.N.T. treatment units

LED design verlichting van de Entermed Futurent 3

What makes a treatment unit of an E.N.T. doctor is good or not good? What are just those differences that makes it better? Jan Steven, CEO from the company Entermed, is no stranger in this area. For over 20 years, Entermed provides high quality ENT treatment units worldwide. However the time has come for a redesign of the Futurent


What makes the Futurent unique instead of. other units?

The Futurent stands in ergonomics, ease of use and modern look. In addition, the design is flexible and modular to extend. With an extensive feature set, this is really a high-end product.

Where started the need to change the current design thoroughly?

The laws and regulations are developing continuously. It is also a trend that new treatment rooms are getting smaller and smaller. Therefor the new hygiene requirements and changes in the available space has lead us to the point we needed something new.

... Healthy aversion against design offices

How did you hear about Rokatec? We did not knew each other yet.

We were looking for a company that could offer more than just design. We started looking at the market, with a healthy aversion to design offices, and so we ended up with Rokatec.

How did Rokatec contributed to the new Futurent?

Rokatec has translated the functional concept we already had in mind into a modern design that fits well which followed the need. With this treatment unit which is significant more compact, we have a future-proof product again.