Go4Dry Schoenendroger

The Go4Dry shoe dryer is a new product developed in-house by Rokatec. This shoe dryer is specially designed to clean and dry shoes . The cleaning is achieved with a special ozone generator that purifies all odors in the shoe. A drying process follows after cleaning to make the shoes completely clean and dry. The task was to develop a new shoedryer that fits in the sports world. In addition to design the functionality is definitely just as important. A good example is the folding shoe carriers. Because of this the shoe dryer will takes few space on travel.

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What has Rokatec done?

The entire design process performed by Rokatec. Dozens of sketches were placed to the mood boards in the concept stage. A lot of test models are printed with our own 3D printer, that has result in a continous improvement process.

In addition to the design process Rokatec also carried out the production and assembly. By own mold guidance and our own assembly department, we can ensure quality.

  • Audience Analysis
  • industrial design
  • Functional design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Mold guidance
  • Assembly