“I have an idea” to production

Many people have ideas about new products that can make everyday life easier. Many of these ideas arise in people who encounter recurrent discomfort. This kind of product ideas can be very valuable for a certain target group. A good example is this industrial trolley-and-ladder-in-one. At the table sits Rob van Dartel; the inventor of this product.

You mentioned that this idea for years is in your head. How it originated? What problem did you ran against?

"I have been working for years as a kitchen fitter which I use every day make of my ladder and hand truck. Because regularly my van is at a considerable distance from the job state, I would like tot take all my stuff at once with my hand truck. But this is difficult when I have to take next to my tools and mounting stuff also a ladder. Often when I have to walk back and forth for multiple times. Furthermore, I walk very often against the problem that I have to store my ladder and trolley both in my overcrowded van. The idea originated here: why not to combine the ladder and trolley if I need them every day??”


From that moment, I was looking for a company that was able to develop my product but could also produce.

You are not going to a design office but you have start something by yourself. What have you done to get your ideas clear?

"The idea is already since 2003 in my head, but when I broke my thumb in 2011 and therefore could not work, I suddenly had time to work out this idea. I then go buy a drawing board to put my ideas on the drawing. Then I weld a test model to see how it worked. I did this test model or adjusted twice because I noticed that it could be better. "

What was the moment you start looking for a partner who could help with the development? How did you hear about Rokatec?

"After I had developed my ideas so I came to the point that I needed help to develop it further. I started initially searching for industry related companies who may be interested in my product. This was unfortunately not successful because of the uncertainty of a totally new product in the market. From that moment, I was looking for a company that was able to develop my product but could also produce. On the ESEF fair I came on the stand of Rokatec. There I saw different products they have developed and produced both. So this was exactly what I was looking for. A conversation ensued and after a short time I have the project at Rokatec deposited. "

Rokatec likes to work together to make good product ideas feasible. How was the collaboration with Rokatec? I think of communication and possibilities to monitor the project.

"Rokatec have guide the project very professionally. This made sure that I've transferred this with peace of mind. With the multiple scheduled discussion moments I quickly understand the full story and I could adjust and make choices at the right times. I was also surprised by the clear overview of the various proposed options. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages were indicated clearly. Therefore I never wondered afterwards: should it been done differently?”

Rokatec has guided this project from design up to production and supply. What can Rokatec contribute to you product?

"Because of Rokatec as a development agency and supplier has taken over the entire project I did I worry about the feasibility of the design. I knew that the choices presented to me were were also really producible. But I also knew that the responsibility for the production was also completely at Rokatec. So my product, within budget, into a professional product developed and produced, and I was completely unburdened. "