Festive opening of new building

With a ceremony the new building of Rokatec is officially opened. Rokatec has remained in the region, but we are moved to the border of it to address Landzigt 36.

Rokatec was forced to find a lasting solution to the increasing need for additional space for the assembly and for the warehouse. Due to the increasing growth of the company has been chosen to build a new building that fully meets the needs of Rokatec. By the possibilities that this new property offers the company can make a new step to professionalize. The architect has made with the no-nonsense industrial look a clear reflection of the comparative method Rokatec prefers. The architect can tell more about.

In our new building, we have a large warehouse and a spacious assembly facility through which we can build the products in a professional way. The property is further generally designed for growth so that we can expand into the full width in the future.