Dutch Design Kaddey golf trolley

Golf trolleys come in many shapes and sizes. Why should you develop a new product for that?? This makes no sense!? Or is it...? Read more about Rokatec's product development for the Kaddey Switch

The big disadvantage of all existing golf trolleys is the transport volume. The bag must first be detached from the trolley, before the trolley can be folded and stored. How useful would it be if the trolley could stay attached to the bag? This works faster and it's much more compact to carry. So two complete golf sets fit in the trunk of the car instead of one!

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec, together with Kaddey Golf, has developed a unique golf trolley that is not only much more compact, but also runs super light. The design of the trolley is also striking. Nice big wheels, real eye catchers! The construction of the frame is also well thought out. All hinge points are completely clearance-free so walking with this trolley great!

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