Plofkoffer met promofilmpje

For the safe transportation of cash money is long been used the "explosion suitcase". This system uses a combustion system. When the system monitors that the case is sabotaged then the money will destroyed by burning. This is effective but not without risk. In this project is a new secure system developed that works with extremely fast drying adhesive. In this way, the CIT has become considerably safer.

What has Rokatec done?

Rokatec has been very closely involved in the development to provide prototypes to present the action. The main part of the development was the design and implementation of a modular system that can be used in existing cash boxes. The limited space available for all modular components was a big challenge for our engineers.

Besides modularity was the 100% guarantee reliable operation absolute even a challenge. A huge amount of tests and optimization loops are needed in order to get the system at this level.

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